New Service Request

Welcome to the Milligan Water Supply Corporation Community.  Please contact our office by phone -or- you can print out the Service Application and Agreement to apply for service. We look forward to serving your water needs.

To start service at an existing service address (meter is already set) you will need to complete a service application and agreement form and provide a new easement form.  

NOTE: If you are purchasing the property a new easement may be required and a new membership fee of $100 may also be required.

To start
new service that does not already have a meter set you will need to complete the Service Application and Agreement form as well as pay the applicable fees, an easement is required before the meter can be set. The easement must be notarized (Notarization is free for this form at the Milligan WSC office, but please call ahead) After notarization you will take the form to the Collin County Courthouse to be recorded with the deed to your property.

Once the Milligan WSC office has received a copy of the recorded easement the installation of the meter can be scheduled.

PLEASE NOTE:  As soon as a new or transferred Membership is approved by MWSC, that account is charged a $43.60 
monthly minimum, before the meter is set, this $43.60 covers Monthly Membership fees/ Meter reservation. After a Membership transfer is complete in the MWSC office, the new Member is responsible for the collection and/or payment of any outstanding balance.   Each water meter is assigned to a specific property address, therefore must be transferred to the property's new owner. The former owner cannot retain water rights to the property or the water meter.
Each meter must be set on the property to which it is assigned by MWSC. It cannot be moved to another property and only MWSC can remove it.

Only one residence per meter is allowed.