About Us

Milligan Water Supply Corporation is a non-profit , member owned water supply organized under laws of the State of Texas and operating under a Certificate of
Convenience and Necessity issued by the State. The water supply was incorporated in 1965 for the purpose of providing water to the rural area located south of Mckinney, in the City of Lowry Crossing and surrounding area.

Milligan Water Supply Corporation purchases all of its water from the North Texas Municipal Water District located in Wylie, Texas. The water supply has no other
source of water.

Milligan Water Supply Corporation is governed under the laws of the State of Texas and pertinent federal laws. The water supply is operated in strict adherence to the rules and standards set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The water system is monitored on a continuing basis and inspected annually by the TCEQ.  The system is maintained and operated by personnel licensed by the TCEQ. Twice a month, water samples are collected and presented to an independent lab for bacteriological testing purposes.



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